Famous Adoptees

Speaking of adoption being everywhere, it’s also famous. While a number of famous people end up in the spotlight for adopting, perhaps what isn’t as well known is the famous folks who were adopted themselves.

The list includes the likes of playwright Edward Albee, action movie king Michael Bay, football quarterback Daunte Culpepper, comedian Andy Dick, rock legend Bo Diddley, figure skater Scott Hamilton (perhaps inspiring the adoption of Jon Heder’s character in Blades of Glory), Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry, country singer Faith Hill, Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, hockey goaltender Curtis Joseph, Emmy-winning actor Ray Liotta, Grammy-winning musician Sarah McLachlan, indie music queen Liz Phair, super hero director Bryan Singer, Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, biblical hero Moses, and let’s not forget Princess Leia Organa.

That’s not to say that adopted kids all become famous or that you should adopt so you can have the next Steve Jobs. Instead it points to the normalcy of adoption. All kinds of people adopt, place their children for adoption and are adopted themselves. Start talking about adoption and you’ll be surprised at how many adoption connections you discover.

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