Switchfoot Covers Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love”

Check out this great little video of San Diego rockers Switchfoot performing a cover of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love”:

I’m not at all a Beyonce fan (I’m hardly even familiar with the original), but I’m liking this cover. You can supposedly download an mp3 from Switchfeed.com, but their link to the file-sharing site eSnips is broken and even when I search that site and find the song, I can’t figure out how to download it (either it’s not working, I don’t have the latest version of something or I’m just stupid).

We Tolerate Extreme Poverty

Richard Stearns, president of World Vision, in a Q&A with Guy Kawasaki:

Today, we live in a world that tolerates extreme poverty much like racism was tolerated 50+ years ago. We can all become people determined to do something to change the world. We can speak up, we can volunteer and we can give. Ending extreme poverty will take money, political and moral will, and a shift in our value system. When enough ordinary people embrace these issues, things will begin to change.

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Why Not Wet Wipes? Rethinking Standard Practice

OK, this is a bit bizarre, but bear with me. A Wet Wipe Revolution is arguing that toilet paper should be replaced with wet wipes for a more sanitary… um… existance. They argue in the original post (with 75+ comments) that you don’t wash your dirty dishes with dry paper towels, so why does that work for… um… wiping your butt (perhaps awkward is a better description than bizarre).

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The Billy Graham Evangelistic Cow

Billy Graham Cow, via ABC NewsThe Billy Graham Evangelistic Association dedicated their barn-shaped “library”—which is basically an evangelistic tourist trap, animatronic cow included (apparently I was wrong).

I wish I was joking. I just have a hard time taking it all seriously, especially when the family got into a fight over whether or not Billy and Ruth Graham should be buried at the end of the little tour, making it the ultimate shrine. I’m a big fan of Billy Graham–but I’m a fan of the man, not the brand. (link via Knightopia)