The Billy Graham Evangelistic Cow

Billy Graham Cow, via ABC NewsThe Billy Graham Evangelistic Association dedicated their barn-shaped “library”—which is basically an evangelistic tourist trap, animatronic cow included (apparently I was wrong).

I wish I was joking. I just have a hard time taking it all seriously, especially when the family got into a fight over whether or not Billy and Ruth Graham should be buried at the end of the little tour, making it the ultimate shrine. I’m a big fan of Billy Graham–but I’m a fan of the man, not the brand. (link via Knightopia)

2 thoughts on “The Billy Graham Evangelistic Cow”

  1. I know, “brand”, “evangelistic cow”–hilarious, huh?

    No seriously, it’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Billy himself has been pretty skeptical about the whole thing. Took lots of convincing from Franklin, lots of couching it as an ‘ongoing Crusade’.

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