Romantica on the Current

You may remember my complete shock at recognizing Ben Kyle’s voice when I first heard Romantica. Their debut album, It’s Your Weakness That I Want, is pretty good and I’ve had the pleasure of reliving that shock when I hear their music on the radio (so far just the Current).

But the Current really likes them, and that’s pretty cool. Today the Current’s Song of the Day is “The National Side”. Plus they played live in the studio a few weeks back which you can hear online–and you can hear Mary Lucia tell Ben Kyle to “shut it” (when Ben tells her one of the judges of the International Songwriting Competition, which Romatica has won, was Tom Waits).

Romantica’s sophomore album, America, is now available. You can hear some of it on MySpace. Plus, they’ll be playing this Sunday at the Stone Arch Festival of the Arts. It’s free. It’s outside. I might just have to go (and hey, it’s Father’s Day, so I get to do what I want, right?).

3 thoughts on “Romantica on the Current”

  1. If any of my fellow Thoughts readers live in the Southeast, I just want you to know that Romantica will be performing a house concert at my place on Sunday, July 1. Be there or be square.

    If you want more email, shoot me an email – knightopia AT gmail DOT com

  2. I suppose I should add that I mean, the Southeast of the United States of America. And this particular house concert with Romantica is happening, more specifically, just outside of Charlotte, NC.

    Blaine and Leah Howard are the openers.


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