Marketing Wisdom from Seth Godin

I’ve got a triple whammy of marketing wisdom from marketing guru Seth Godin (who else?).

  1. Meetings: Everybody always whines about how unproductive meetings are. I suppose they can be, but when I worked on teams most of our meetings seemed pretty necessary. But if you’re sick of meetings, Godin offer some fresh tips on how to make your meetings intentional and productive.
  2. Apostrophes: You get nothing when you use them correctly, but you lose big when you mess them up. Making up a word would be losing big.
  3. Recognition: Godin talks about recognizing a band from one second of a song. Same is true with seeing the corner of a magazine or the sound/smell of a coffee shop. He says that recognition is branding and it’s no accident. And that kind of consistency requires an anal person to put their foot down and enforce those brand rules. That’s the kind of thing proofreaders and editors are good at. You might think those grammar Nazis are nuts, but they know a thing or two about consistency.

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