Ask a Ninja About the Future of Entertainment

Kent Nichols of shares his take on how to succeed in the future of entertainment in another Pop!Tech video. (This one’s about 24 minutes–kind of annoys me that tech-savvy folks didn’t think it important to tell you how long the videos are. And while I’m whining, where are the permalinks?)

It’s a crazy world we live in when someone can wrap a piece of fabric around their head and make a living. It’s obviously more than that (which is why you and I aren’t creating our own explosively successful viral video series), but it always makes me wonder. What would it take to be the next Ninja, ZeFrank or Homestar Runner? Sometimes I think I should start a club and set out to do just that. (link via

2 thoughts on “Ask a Ninja About the Future of Entertainment”

  1. “What would it take to be the next Ninja, ZeFrank or Homestar Runner?”

    I also wonder about that frequently. Technology and equipment aren’t really barriers anymore. I think the bigger issues are coming up with a sustainable concept, and then time commitment.

    I’m also not sure how you take it to the next level after that and turn it into something profitable. I was just listening to a TWiT podcast with the guys from the Tiki Bar, and one of the topics of discussion was how new media is being used as a springboard for breaking into old media with its traditional profit models.

  2. My personal take on this is that the lowering of barriers is forcing many of us (me definitely included) to realize that we just don’t have the commitment and skill to create something that is a breakout success.

    It’s kinda like the lesson GarageBand has taught most of us: if I could write music, I would use this to experiment with my writing, but I can’t. So… there it sits.

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