The Current’s Song of the Day Podcast

The best radio station on the planet, 89.3 The Current, has a new Song of the Day podcast. You get a fancy new song delivered to you each every day. Sweet.

Today’s song, “The Sons of Cain” by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists from their forthcoming album is killer. Go download it now, before it’s gone (songs remain available for five days).

If you subscribe to the podcast with iTunes (like I did), getting the song into your music library isn’t exactly obvious (Yes, there’s a difference between your podcasts and your music library. If you want “The Sons of Cain” to show up with your other Ted Leo songs, it needs to be in your music library.) Here’s how you do it: Just right click on the song and click “Convert Selection to AAC”. It’ll convert it for you and put it into your music library.

Mmm… free music. Go the Current.

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