Shaun Groves Is Still Cool

For those keeping score at home, indie musician Shaun Groves did not topple Amy Grant as the queen. Apparently Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith still proudly hold that title, though Shaun Groves, Sara Groves (no relation) and Jake Smith managed to bring in the third most visits to There’s just no beating Amy Grant and Smitty. They’re unstoppable.

But Shaun is still cool.

His blog offers a lovely little peek behind the curtain of the contemporary Christian music world (which is something you may not want to see). His series of entries “The Jesus You Never Heard” is a great example. Basically a controversial lyric in one of his songs was causing problems for a Christian bookstore buyer and was going to be yanked from the CD. But then he does an interview for an article about it and only the inflamatory comments make it into the story, stripped of their context. And now Shaun is turning it into a separate exploration of Christian radio. Good stuff. (Be sure to catch part 4, it’s not linked from the first three parts)

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