Can You Ever Just Be Whelmed?

Apparently the answer to the age old question is yes, and not just in Europe. While walking into church this morning some friends were walking out and I stopped briefly to say hi.

One of them commented that I looked a little whelmed.

And I suppose I am. Putting your house on the market is stressful. Trying to find a new house–while fun–is also stressful. Spending all day with a baby and then trying to work in the evenings is also stressful. It’s kind of a crazy time right now. While I’m not the kind of person to make New Year’s resolutions, I think I am actively on guard against having too much to do.

I’ve probably been that way for some time (since before Lexi was born), but now it’s becoming more important. I think the realization that life with a baby doesn’t get any easier (and we’ve had it pretty easy, don’t get me wrong) is starting to set in.

It has been quite a year. Lexi was born. Abby got a new job. Our good friends moved out of state (again). A nephew and niece came into the world. We got serious about selling our house. Friends got married. I took three separate business trips to L.A., we turned one of them into a vacation. We traveled throughout the Midwest multiple times to see family. Family came to see us (or, more accurately, Lexi).

A lot has happened. Which is probably why blogging comes in fits and spurts (when all is quiet and I have the time, energy and ideas), why I haven’t posted a bloated 2006 reading list yet, and why our social life has dwindled to conversations at church. And with a baby it’s that much more complicated.

It’s all enough to make you feel, well, whelmed.

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