I Like Christmas Music

Today I picked up a couple new Christmas albums. First I grabbed Justin McRoberts’ Christmas Songs EP. It’s just three quick songs, two classics and one original. I always like Justin’s stuff, and it’s fun to have some Justin tunes for the holidays.

Then I picked up Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens. It’s a 5-disc, 42-song collection of Christmas songs recorded between 2001 and 2006. It’s very different from the usual Christmas music I like, but it’s fun. Kind of quirky and mellow, just like Sufjan Stevens.

Getting the album was a nightmare though. iTunes kept giving me errors when I tried to buy the album, saying the item was being modified and try again later. That persisted for two days. Then every record store in town seemed to be out of it. But I finally scored a copy at Borders of all places, and cheaper than I saw it anywhere else ($18.99). Of course if you’re not needing instant gratification you could just order it from Amazon.

And now that I write this it strikes me as slightly odd that the two albums I picked up have practically the same title only reversed (Christmas Songs vs. Songs for Christmas) and they’re at the opposite ends of the track spectrum (3 songs vs. 42 songs).

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