This is Why Blogging Exists

So different perspectives can be heard.

In this case, Phil Vischer’s.

Here’s the deal: NBC has been airing edited episodes of Veggie Tales on Saturday morning. NBC is insisting the edits were made for length, not because of the show’s religious values. However, Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales and the one hired to edit the new shows (long story, but Big Idea–the company that started Veggie Tales–went bankrupt and Vischer no longer has control of Veggie Tales, though he does still do voices and ocassional projects like this one) says that’s clearly not the case based on the e-mails he’s received from NBC about what edits to make.

So either NBC is misinformed, or they’re lying so as not to appear to have some kind of anti-Christian bias.

Not that I’m surprised by any of this. I just think it’s cool that we know what’s going on because we have Phil Vischer’s blog to give us another perspective. Now all we need is the blog of somebody at NBC to show us an even deeper twist.

Update: Seems NBC is admitting to cutting out the religion in Veggie Tales, saying they don’t want to air anything that offends or excludes any religious groups. Which is really a bunch of crap. Wasn’t it SNL that aired a spoof on Veggie Tales that mocked Christians? But at least they’re owning up to it now. Lame rationale, but they’re owning up to it.

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