I’m One of Those Cell Phone People

We finally crossed over to the darkside and got a cell phone. We ended up with a Cingular family plan (mmm… rollover) and sharp looking Motorola RAZR phones (mine’s black, Abby’s is pink). I want to say we’re the last people on earth to get cell phones, but that’s certainly not true. We are among the last people our own age in the U.S. who don’t have cell phones. Most of our friends only have cell phones.

The convenience factor finally pushed us over the edge. With a baby it’s just that much more of an issue. Which basically means I’m able to blame every one of our big purchases lately on Lexi. Sorry, kid.

As reluctantly as I’ve entered the cell phone world, I am loving it. The ability to call from the grocery store or while you’re on the way somewhere is just great. Now I just have to work on my cell phone etiquette.

The one thing I’m not impressed with is the phones themselves. The RAZR is great, but it and every other cell phone I tried have serious usability issues. I guess I expect too much from my technology. It just doesn’t seem like sorting my address book by last name or keeping the same categories my computer has is asking too much. Apparently it is. At least the 37signals guys agree with me. They think Apple is the solution, and maybe we’ll find out if they are this week.

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