Get Out of Yale Free

Having friends move away sucks. Since college we’ve had to go through it a lot. I guess you just have to get used to it.

Yesterday Tim and Nicole moved to New Haven, Conn. so Tim could become Dr. Philosophy, or something like that. I think he gets a cape, too. It’s rough because Tim moved away, then he came back, then he moved away again, then he came back, and now he’s gone again. Doh. Though a lot of that back and forth was really so he could get married to Nicole, and that was worth it.

The past year we’ve hung out a lot. They taught us Settlers of Catan and we taught them Killer Bunnies. We’ve stayed up late. We’ve gone couch shopping. We’ve gone house shopping. We called them at our scariest moments and our best moments. We renounced Satan. We traded a crappy car for a useless air conditioner. We had reached an odd and rare place in a friendship. It became most apparent when we shared meals together, which is a simple act, but also a vulnerable one.

Anyway, they’ve moved off to Yale and we miss them. The hope is that they’ll come back, someday, though it will be a long haul. Yale doesn’t exactly hand out doctorates for free. Until then, here’s hoping for a ‘get out of yale free’ card. Or at least lots of visits and contact.

Godspeed as you two caravan across the U.S. and may your time at Yale be wonderful–and short.

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