12 – Days since I’ve posted an entry on this blog. Not nearly as long of a drought as it feels like.
62 – Days since I’ve posted an entry on Spacebar. Now that’s a drought.

1,400 – Miles driven last week in the span of three days when I went to Kansas with my parents to pick up a wardrobe and tried to go to a friend’s wedding.
1 – Kansas ditches I drove through during a snow storm in an attempt to get to said friend’s wedding.
14 – Hours I spent in the car on Saturday after driving through a snowstorm, giving up on making it to the wedding, and then re-routing my trip through Nebraska.
75 – Speed limit in Nebraska, God bless ’em.
3 – CDs I bought in Des Moines, Iowa to keep me awake for the final 230 miles home.
1.5 – Times I was able to listen to each CD before they jammed in the CD changer the day after I got home.

13 – Average hours per month for youth group events (four 2-hour Wednesday nights, one 2-hour meeting, one 3-hour special event).
16 – Hours we spent at youth group this month (two 2-hour Wednesday nights, one 4-hour Christmas party, one 8-hour Operation Christmas Child/Chronicles of Narnia event).
20 – Hours of youth group events we skipped out on (two 8-hour clean-a-thon events to clean up the church’s new addition, one 2-hour Wednesday night, one 2-hour meeting).

215 – E-mails in my inbox needing to be sorted, deleted or (gulp) answered.
8 – Other e-mail inboxes on my computer that we dare not count how many e-mails they contain.
1,894 – Total unopened e-mails on my system, thanks in large part to spam, publicists and e-mail newsletters.
4,241 – Unread blog entries in Bloglines (not counting the Craigslist classifieds).
120 – Total blog feeds tracked in Bloglines.

30 – Days until the baby’s due date.
14 – Working days Abby has left until the baby comes (assuming it comes on the due date)
10 – Days left in 2005.
7 – Days until my anniversary.
6 – Days until massive 11-month freelance project is due.
3 – Days until Christmas.
1 – Working days Abby has left in 2005.

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