My Digital Camera: Canon Powershot SD200

Canon Powershot SD200A while back I spent my birthday wad on a new digital camera. I don’t think I ever bothered to share what I finally decided to buy, so I thought I should rectify that. I went with the Canon Powershot SD200.

It has a list price of $300 (ha!), but I paid two-thirds that at Best Buy thanks to sales and rebates, and it looks like you can get it for about the same price at It’s a 3.2 megapixel digital camera with a 3x optical zoom. And it’s tiny. We’re talking credit card tiny. That’s the main reason I finally went with it: portability. I now carry it with me like my wallet and car keys, which means I can snap pictures of whatever I like whenever I like, and never have to say, “Gee, I wish I brought my camera.”

It snaps some pretty mean pics, too. Like this skateboarder. Or some fascia. Or a light rail tunnel. Or me and Los Angeles. Or how about some dogs?

Like I said, I now take the camera with me wherever I go.

It performs pretty well, probably not top of the line, but certainly better than my last digital camera. It can capture motion pretty well (though sometimes you need to put it on the Kids & Pets setting) as long as the light is decent. In a poorly lit room it sometimes gets blurry, but light usually helps (turn on a light or use the flash). It takes pictures quickly and lets you get back to shooting.

It also takes movies, which is a fun and extra feature. with a 512 MB memory card you can get between 4 and 60 minutes of video, depending on the quality.

The color display on the back is handy, though my only complaint is that on a bright day it’s hard to see.

All in all it’s a sweet camera for a pretty affordable price.

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