2005 Summer Blogging Review

With the summer winding down and me blogging like a mad man all over the place (except maybe here), I thought it’d be a good idea to take a page from the Jason Kottke book and do a summer blog posts review.

Well start here with the personal stuff and move on to the random other blogs nobody really cares about.


  • The biggest news is the baby on the way. Highlights so far include the youth group reaction and the heartbeat. Next week is the ultrasound.
  • I did have to tackle some home repairs. (well, actually a friend did the heavy lifting and I watched)
  • I admitted to tearing up during Brat Camp.
  • I rocked out at Sonshine 2005.
  • I went to Los Angeles.
  • My dog made more money than you.
  • I turned 26 and got a new digital camera, which is a good excuse to check out the first photo I ever took.
  • And I saw my traffic rise after a pathetic May (which resulted in a Google check that showed up this week).

Moving Pictures

I Like Music

Reading is Fun

Twin Cities Liver


Just last week I started a NASCAR blog. Not that any of you care.

Church Marketing Sucks

Think Personality

  • Marketing as Storytelling: The Auto Industry.
  • Steve Jobs talks about dropping out of college, being fired from Apple and his own death. Good times.
  • Cremation: It just makes sense.

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