Making Peace with Pat Robertson

Sarah Vowell, the voice for Violet from The Incredibles and author of Assassination Vacation, wrote a piece for the New York Times about Pat Robertson’s involvement with the One campaign.

She initially pokes fun at what a weirdo Robertson is, though I find it humorous that one of the things she chides him for is a direct quote from the Bible–can’t really blame Robertson for that one. But she’s so impressed with Robertson’s involvement in the One campaign she’s willing to shake his hand.

That fact, that every three seconds an African human being dies from hunger or AIDS or, honestly, mosquito bites in this day and age, is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Way, way, way dumber than that thing about Orlando and a meteor from God. That every-three-seconds statistic is so moronic, and having the richest countries in the world do something about it is such a total no-brainer, that Pat Robertson will join up with Dennis-bloody-Hopper of “Blue”-bloody-“Velvet” to spread the word.

I don’t know what will happen in Scotland today. But I do know that tonight, if I have the handshake dream – Pat Robertson, put ‘er there.

Nothing like Christians actually doing something smart. The world notices.

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