Terrorism Vulnerabilities

With the London terror attacks today every reporter seems to be talking about the vulnerabilities to terrorists across the world. Our public transportation isn’t safe, our ports aren’t safe, our power plants aren’t safe, and on and on they go. I’m not sure I get it. Can we ever really be safe? Can you ever secure something like the New York Subway system? One reporter today noted that there are some 2000 airport security checkpoints across the U.S. There are at least that many entrances to the New York Subway system alone.

We simply cannot have the same level of security on public transportation as we do on airplanes. It’s just not that hard to slip a bomb onto a trane or a bus, especially if you plan on blowing yourself up with that bomb. I’m not sure I get the surprise at that fact.

The best we can hope for is to be vigilant.

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