Billy Graham’s Final New York Crusade

USA Today scored a rare interview with the man himself, Billy Graham, just a month before the New York Crusade. The Greater New York Billy Graham Crusade has been called Graham’s last Crusade in New York, and as always, there’s speculation that it could be his last crusade ever. The interview itself doesn’t give that impression, but it does give a glimpse of Graham’s declining health, comparing him to the late Pope John Paul II.

In another final crusade news, a coalition of Christian leaders in the U.K. have invited Graham to come for a London crusade this fall, and though there has been no offical word, it appears Graham is willing to come if his health permits it.

2 thoughts on “Billy Graham’s Final New York Crusade”

  1. billys final new york (show) .. i’ve followed him all my life and i’m 52 but in new york with the clintons on stage with him and getting up and saying bill clinton should be a minister for God because he’s got the right stuff while hillbillary runs this country has crossed the line .. you’ve lost your mind billy graham Go Away

  2. We are Catholics but my daughter went to see Dr. Graham in New York and was horrified when he indorsed Hillary for President. As a matter of fact they booed him for his statement. I respected Dr. Graham, but not any more. How could a man of religion say that about a couple who believe in abortion, plus Bill committed adultery not once but several times and she condoned it by staying with him. Also, women accused him of rape, so I guess he thinks they are all liars. The liberals say rellgious leaders should not indorse candidates but it is okay when it is someone they want. It makes me ill to think Dr. Graham would stoop so low, and my daughter was unfortunate enough to hear him say it. I certainly will look at him in a differant light from now on.

    Linda Roche

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