Yet Another Blog Redesign

Well, it’s time to redesign again. I’ve decided to break up my blogs and launched a few new ones, including:

There’s also the old standbyes, including Spacebar (now with Mazie!), Quotables and ReViews.

I’ve organized everything into a blog network of sorts, so we’ll see how it goes. The one blog I’m not so sure about yet is the Twin Cities one. But we’ll see what I stick with. I still have more things to tweak (especially this blog) and I’m thinking of setting up a catch-all blog where you can read the latest updates from everywhere (I have a psuedo one set up, but it’s not what I’m going for).

Oh yeah. You might notice the iTunes banners. I’m an iTunes affiliate now, which means I make a small percentage on any iTunes purchases you make after clicking on one of my links. It’s yet another free way to support my blog.

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