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A blog entry Head Monkey Kevin D. Hendricks wrote for the marketing firm Personality™ received a nod from marketing guru Seth Godin (author of Purple Cow). The entry, Seth Godin: Marketing Master in Action, analyzed Godin’s marketing efforts as he prepares to release his next book, All Marketers Are Liars. You can learn a thing or two from how a marketing guru markets. Godin himself mentioned the entry and was “delighted to see that others are picking up the steps I’m trying to follow.”

Godin did point out that the entry neglected to mention his “get a nose, get on my blog” offer, which involves a special liar’s nose (think Pinocchio). Maybe next time.

Never Been Thawed

First there was Saved!, now there’s Never Been Thawed, a spoof on Christian rock bands and frozen food enthusiasts (what?!). Sometimes I have trouble deciding what belongs on this blog and what should go on Real, but after watching the trailer it was a no-brainer. I think Never Been Thawed will go much farther than Saved! ever did. Odd that after the interest in religious movies like The Passion of the Christ we also have a trend of completely offensive Christian movies.

The spoof on Christian music at least has potential.

Fun with Satellite Images

It turns out I’m one of the last ones to the satellite imagery bandwagon with my two posts last week. Those were examples of memory mapping, which Google calls a new literary form.

Speaking of Google, they blogged about their own satellite images, pointing to lots of great resources. First up is an airplane graveyard (Wired talks about many of the surprising satellite photos, including a volcano errupting, explosions in Iraq, and an icebreaker trying to dislodge a Russian submarine). A few sites catalog some of the attractions, including this list (with highlights like Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Mount St. Helens, some SR-71 Blackbirds, a blimp, the Mall of America with IKEA in mid-construction, and many more) and the Google Sightseeing blog, which doesn’t have as many attractions, but gives you a little more background info. Some guy also paired up Google Maps and Craigslist, though it takes a while to load (if it worked a little better it could be really cool).

Say Hello to Mazie

This is Mazie. She’s an 11-week old rat terrier we picked up today from a rescue in Wisconsin. My wife is now officially a dog freak (though the dogs are technically mine as well, my role is to sit back and roll my eyes–but that doesn’t last long). We came up with the name Mazie because the town near the rescue was called Mazomanie. That and she just wasn’t a Carmelita. Susan was also tempting (“Now you’re doing it on purpose!”).

Mazie was the smallest of the four remaining brothers and sisters from her litter. Someone had dropped off the mother and six puppies at the rescue in a Tupperware container. It’s pretty sad, but the puppies are finding good homes now. If you’re thinking about getting a dog, I highly recommend looking into a rescue. You need to be a little more careful about what kind of issues the dogs might have, but you’re giving a home to a poor abandoned dog, as opposed to feeding the puppy mill system.

Speak isn’t too sure what to think about his new little sister. He got to play with the whole litter, and I think he was getting exasperated. He’s also feeling neglected at home, though I don’t know what his problem is. He gets all the attention and all the good nicknames.

Speak and Mazie did have some fun in the backyard when Speak would chase her off and then stand around all victorious like. I think he’s enjoying his dominance.

Well, that’s our two puppy household. I’m not sure how I got roped into this, but so far I love it. Talk to me tomorrow when I have to adjust Mazie’s potty-training to a new home while being productive at the same time.

Bethel College from 30,000 Feet

Bethel College satellite photoMore fun with Google maps, this time around my alma mater, Bethel College. Check it out on Flickr for the tour. It’s a lot more fun when you can actually make out the cars and stuff. This image was clearly where two satellite images came together and the original match-up in Google wasn’t done very well. I tried to align them a little better.

Given the lack of cars in any but the main parking lots, and the incredible amount of green, I’m guessing this was taken during the summer when few students were around. It also appears to be pre-ground breaking for the new dorm.

Central Kansas from 30,000 Feet

Satellite view of Central KansasCheck out my old summer stomping ground of Central Kansas from 30,000 feet (it’s probably much higher than that, but it sounds good).

Head over to Flickr for the narrated journey (If you roll over the photo in Flickr little boxes will appear on the photo. Each box has a description.), an idea I stole from blogan (who gives helpful how-to instructions–it’s really easy).

This is all thanks to the satellite imagery from Google Maps. Put in your address and then switch to satellite view. Pretty cool, huh? (And yes, it is Friday) If you zoom straight in from the U.S. view you can go four or five clicks and you’ll see Great Bend, Kansas to the left. Drag it back into view and keep zooming to get this view. (or just type in Great Bend, Kansas)