Fun with Satellite Images

It turns out I’m one of the last ones to the satellite imagery bandwagon with my two posts last week. Those were examples of memory mapping, which Google calls a new literary form.

Speaking of Google, they blogged about their own satellite images, pointing to lots of great resources. First up is an airplane graveyard (Wired talks about many of the surprising satellite photos, including a volcano errupting, explosions in Iraq, and an icebreaker trying to dislodge a Russian submarine). A few sites catalog some of the attractions, including this list (with highlights like Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Mount St. Helens, some SR-71 Blackbirds, a blimp, the Mall of America with IKEA in mid-construction, and many more) and the Google Sightseeing blog, which doesn’t have as many attractions, but gives you a little more background info. Some guy also paired up Google Maps and Craigslist, though it takes a while to load (if it worked a little better it could be really cool).

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