It’s a Survey!

The other day I rambled a whole bunch about changes I’d like to make to my blog, but I doubt most of you got through it all. I’ve put together a survey that covers some of those same issues so you can easily give your feedback.

So please take my 10-question Thoughts Survey and give me your input about the future of my blogging.

It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Thanks for participating. I’ll share the results when the survey’s over.

Star Wars: The Marketing Strikes Back

Wrestle Buddy VaderThe final chapter of the Star Wars saga, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, comes to theaters May 19th and the propaganda machine is in full effect. You’ve probably seen the Darth Vader version of Mr. Potato Head, dubbed Darth Tater, and some have already discussed the Darth Vader sprinkler, but you haven’t seen anything yet.

Are you ready for Yoda using the force to yoink a can of Diet Pepsi? Be afraid. Be very afraid. The marketing tie-in machine is going overboard

It’s a Good Thing I’m Married

If I weren’t married I’d be such a freak. Abby’s off at some teacher conference today and most of tomorrow, and the lack of a semi-stable spouse really throws me for a loop.

I ate lunch at 12:30, two hours later than normal. Usually I eat lunch when Abby comes home on her lunch break, which works out pretty nicely. But since she didn’t come home, I kept working until I realized I was hungry, then kept working until I finished what I was doing. Same thing happend for dinner, which meant I didn’t start dinner until 7:00. But I did make dinner

Comment Issues

If anyone has had problems posting comments, I apologize. I added the url “” to my Blacklist, which inadvertently blocks anybody with “” in their e-mail address or url or whatever. So anybody using a gmail account may have been blocked. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re less stupid now.

The Future of Thoughts

So there I go, thinking about blogging again. First I admit my schizophrenia, then I cut back, then I admit to being a blogaholic and talk about doing more, then I actually start doing more. Sheesh. Just when I think I have this habit under control, I go and read about six-figure bloggers. I’m hopeless.

But actually, it’s filled me with a lot of hope. I’m just not sure what to do. [this is going to be one of those long rants, so most of you may want to bail now]

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Mazie the Puppy Update

We’ve had our new dog Mazie for less than four days, and all things considered it’s going pretty well. She’s an 11-week-old rat terrier and pretty much all puppy. There hasn’t been much in the way of training yet (we’ve been busy every night this week), but surprisingly that hasn’t been a problem.

She’s pretty shy (the shyest and smallest of the litter), but still comes running when you call her name. Though it’s more like loping. She’s squat and round and pudgy, kind of like a tank. When you reach to pick her up she drops to the floor (don’t worry, there’s not much ground clearance anyway) and starts to back up. So we’ll have to work on that.

She also chews on everything. I guess that’s what dogs do, espcecially puppies. We were pretty spoiled with Speak who never seems to chew on stuff he’s not supposed to (though don’t leave a stray kleenex within reach or it’s shred-city). The chewing is combated with lots of chewable toys and keeping an eye on her. She actually responds pretty well when I tell her no, which seems surprising. I think it took Speak longer.

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SWAT Monkey

A Mesa, Ariz. police veteran has proposed training a capuchin monkey for high-risk police operations. The SWAT team monkey could unlock doors and search buildings on command, keeping SWAT personnel out of harm’s way. A federal grant would pay for a pilot program to train the monkey, though the idea is still in the proposal stage and hasn’t been cleared by the Mesa police department’s executive ranks.