A Little Personal

Once upon a time I used to pen introspective thoughts late at night while my roommates were sleeping. Some people seem to miss those ponderings, and sometimes I do, too.

I think often those writings were born out of not knowing what to write, and just forcing myself to plunk something out. Lately (meaning the past several years) I’ve found other things to talk about on this blog and didn’t have the need to force it. Maybe something was lost in that.

So here goes…

I’m busy. I think you can tell how busy by the piles in my office. I don’t have a lot of desk space in my office (on purpose) so the piles tend to build up quickly if I don’t keep them under control. Currently I have piles all over my work space, on the little area next to my keyboard, and every other bit of flat surface in my office. Only the floor is clear, and that’s because Mazie chews anything within reach.

Life can go by in such a blur when we’re busy. Next week it’ll be May. Yikes. Some weeks I realize I’m working into the evening and I just look forward to a break in the commitment schedule so I can relax. Sunday night I stopped doing anything at 8:00 p.m. and just crashed on the couch and watched the dogs wrestle. It felt good.

With so much going on it’s amazing I don’t miss anything important. But maybe I am, and that’s why I miss the days going by. In high school I remember always looking for Orion in the southern sky. Maybe it was because my driveway had a clear southern view so I could easily spot my favorite constellation when I came home from where ever I was, but since then I’ve never taken much time to look at the stars. Maybe West Bloomfield was in the boondocks enough that it was easier, maybe it’s just harder to see the southern sky in St. Paul proper.

The days go by and the stars go by and I miss them both.

2 thoughts on “A Little Personal”

  1. I do miss these kinds of entries.

    I wonder how you can be in your house without always feeling like you’re at work, or you’re supposed to be working.

  2. Well, we’ll see if I can get back to them a bit.

    I suppose I overstated my case about being busy. I am busy with work right now, but I also busy myself with lots of side-project things, mostly blogs. So a lot of the time when I’m “working,” especially in the evenings, it’s not really work. It’s sort of work, since I’d love to make money on it, but let’s be honest that it’s a labor of love.

    I actually am pretty good about only “working” during work hours. I’m flexible when I need to be, but I like to be pretty defensive about my time.

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