How to Survive Disaster

Emergency ExitTime has an incredibly interesting article, “How to Get Out Alive,” about human behavior in disaster situations. It seems most people blank out in the face of danger, remaining stunned and bewildered (45% don’t move for at least 30 seconds). About 10-15% of people stay calm and react quickly, another 15% slip into total hysterics, and the rest of us react like deer in headlights. Which usually kills the deer, and it’ll kill you, too.

So how do you get out alive?

Be Prepared
Actually read the safety card and note where the exits are. When an airplane fills with smoke in less than 20 seconds your brain can recall that info

One thought on “How to Survive Disaster”

  1. Isn’t it sort of you or both you and your stuff bite the dust? I mean, if you don’t get out with your stuff, your stuff doesn’t really get out, either. Unless the plane is filled with some sort of strange toxic fume that causes stuff to come alive and run out on its own accord, but in that case, you’re kinda in trouble either way, especially if you haven’t treated your stuff very well.


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