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  1. The iPod shuffle is inexpensive, so it will probably sell through the roof even though it’s a poor value ($100 for .5 gb for the shuffle, vs. $300 for 20 gb for the entry-level iPod).

    But the Mac Mini? I wrote a lengthy criticism on my blog about the Mac Mini, because I just don’t have any love for it. I can’t really see the Mac Mini as anything other than a bait and switch to sell more iMacs.

    Customer: Wait, so I have to also buy a monitor, and a keyboard, and a mouse, and a USB hub, and I need to spend more to get decent RAM, and I need to spend more to get a decent harddrive, and it doesn’t come with wireless?

    Apple rep: Well, for slightly more money you could get all of that together in the iMac with one purchase, and get a faster processor to boot.

  2. I have to disagree, Dave. The Mac Mini is pretty cool. Sure, if you’re in need of the whole package (monitor, keyboard, mouse–heck, speakers) it’s not the best deal. But if you already have some of those elements (especially the pricey monitor), then it becomes a much better deal. It’s also a nice alternative to the i/eMacs in that you can get whatever monitor you want. I shied away from those all-in-ones because I’d be stuck with that setup for the life of the computer, while with my G5 (or the new Mini) I could upgrade the monitor at any time.

    I think the real advantage here is a decent computer in a tiny package. I’m seeing all sorts of discussions about hooking a Mac Mini up to your home entertainment system or even your car.

  3. Well, Kevin, I think we have to agree to disagree on this one. I think the Mac Mini is cool, but underpowered and impractical. I’d be way more impressed if it was a G5.

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