Kansas: As Big As You Think

The Kansas Brand Image Task Force came up with a new state slogan, “Kansas: As big as you think,” which is being criticized across the state. Alternative slogans have been suggested, including “Moving at the speed of Kansas.”

I’d like to recommend a few:

Kansas: Flatter than a pancake.
Kansas: Somewhere in the middle.
Kansas: You’ve gotta stop somewhere.
Kansas: What’s urban sprawl?
Kansas: Buy your Wizard of Oz t-shirt and get out.
There’s no place like Kansas. (or just embrace the Oz)

3 thoughts on “Kansas: As Big As You Think”

  1. At least Dave didn’t say “North and South Oklahoma”.

    And have you seen the T-shirts for ladies: Not everything is flat in Kansas! Oh…sorry.

    Actually, keep dumping on us, we like keeping the best kept secret intact!
    Your Dad

  2. My suggestions:

    Kansas – why God why?

    Kansas – there’s something the matter with it.

    Kansas – Missouri’s creepy neighbor.

    Kansas – at least I didn’t say Iowa.

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