Santa Banned from Holiday Dance

Bryan Lafond and his motherChristianity Today’s weblog is reporting on what has to be the wackiest politically correct holiday debate ever. Here’s the story:

Seventh-grader Bryan Lafond dressed up in a Santa Claus costume to attend a holiday dance at his school, Hampton Academy Junior High. Principal Fred Muscara turned jolly St. Nick away out of concern for students with other religious beliefs. So the story goes. School officials later said they turned Lafond away for not meeting the “semi-formal” dress code of the dance. However, Lafond was later readmitted to the dance in shorts and a T-shirt. It gets even weirder as one student reports hearing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” at the dance, a song clearly associated with Santa. As the controversy continues, one of the biggest concerns is that Lafond left the building on his own, creating a safety issue.

Read it for yourself:

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