Ten Days to Blogger of the Year

Dylan Verdi, Youngest Videoblogger in the World.ABC News declared bloggers People of the Year in 2004. As part of the story 11-year-old Dylan Verdi was featured as the youngest videoblogger.

She posted her first entry on December 20, 2004. The ABC News camera crew showed up on December 29. The Person of the Year story aired on December 30, leading off with her story.

Of course her dad tells the whole story in video. And you’ve got to love her video about getting a record player for Christmas–forget iPods! (link via Nick Ciske)

One thought on “Ten Days to Blogger of the Year”

  1. This is silly. 8-)

    The rest of us blog for a year (or years) and never get any media attention. This kid blogs for a day and WAM-O!

    OK I’m not really jealous. I think it’s cool for her. But still … dang! >D

    OK I’m, like, totally over it now.

    Sorta. :-P

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