No Abdication

I’ve never much understood Christians who want to pull their kids out of public school. It seems like such a cop out to think schools are so far gone you have to pull your kids out. If every Christian family pulls their kids out and doesn’t have any parental involvement, what do you expect to happen? I’ve never been very impressed with Christian schools on any level either, nor understood justifying the expense. And homeschool. Wow, that takes a special kid.

Tony Jones summed up the whole thing in words I haven’t come up with yet.

The SpongeBob Smackdown

The whole SpongeBob vs. James Dobson thing keeps getting funnier. Currently MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann is giving Focus on the Family what for. While I sympathasize with Dobson for the media misconstruing his statements, they get what they deserve from Olbermann.

What kind of a Christian organization makes such vehemont attacks? What happened to turning the other cheek? I understand the rationale–you can’t just sit back and let society go to hell. But there’s better ways to do that. Attacking individual members of the media isn’t going to accomplish much. I blogged over at Church Marketing Sucks today about the p.r. no-no’s you can learn from the SpongeBob debacle.

Of course it’s no secret I’m not a big fan of Dobson. I’m probably finding a bit too much glee in the whole thing.

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A Bit Less Blogging

Well, I’m not quite as schizophrenic as I used to be. I decided to cut back the Monkey Outta Nowhere blog–not so much cutting it back as diverting the entries from there to here. More importantly the Monkey Outta Nowhere blog will stick to company business (and the fun Monkey News) so I’ll feel less inclined to do a lot of the extra posting. It doesn’t completely solve my schizophrenia, but it helps.

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Spammers Suck

I’ve been especially annoyed at Spammers lately. Not just e-mail spam, but the irritating assortment of higher tech spam like content spam and referral spam. Since installing MTBlacklist sometime last year I’ve stopped over 18,000 content spams. That’s a lot jerks.

The other day I finally got sick of it and started moderating comments on entries older than 60 days. It doesn’t immediately stop the spam, but it does keep it from being posted on the site. I’ve also installed the nofollow plug in, which essentially makes comment spam ineffective. That doesn’t stop them though. Stupid spammers.

I’ve also been getting tons of referral spam. I don’t even know what it is, but there’s tons of it. Ain’t technology grand?

Site Revamp

The Monkey Outta Nowhere site has been scaled back, revamped and improved. Rather than running the blog at full speed to cover every quasi-interesting update, we’ll focus on official Monkey Outta Nowhere business only. The random time-wasting content will be redirected to the personal blog of our Head Monkey, Kevin D. Hendricks. But never fear, we’ll continue with the incredibly insightful Monkey News, as well as other company info.

I’m a Schizophrenic Blogger and So Am I

I do lots of blogging. I’ve been doing it since 1998, though as many have noticed, the way I blog has changed a lot since then. While I used to be a lot more introspective (often to the point of absurdity–you can’t imagine how much I confused my mother), my entries of late have been a lot more news oriented. Links, news, quotes. Bite-size candy. I still like to be introspective now and then, but nearly as often.

In total, I have access to at least 18 different blogs in varying states of activity. Most of them have been shuttered, thankfully, and several of them are blogs I’m paid to work on, but many of them continue on as solely my creations. Frankly, I think I’m becoming a schizophrenic blogger.

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