A Bit Less Blogging

Well, I’m not quite as schizophrenic as I used to be. I decided to cut back the Monkey Outta Nowhere blog–not so much cutting it back as diverting the entries from there to here. More importantly the Monkey Outta Nowhere blog will stick to company business (and the fun Monkey News) so I’ll feel less inclined to do a lot of the extra posting. It doesn’t completely solve my schizophrenia, but it helps.

Business-wise it seems odd to scale back the blog, but I think it works. I can’t say the blog was bringing in lots of business, and I think my design made for a confusing front page. That was probably more harmful to business than the actual blog was helpful. So we’ll see what happens. It feels a bit odd to make such snap business judgments like this in a weekend, but hey, I’m the boss.

I’m also thinking over this blog still. I’ve started adding some color to the graphics at the top and I’m considering cutting out the quotes, reviews and such that shows up on the homepage. I might re-relegate them to the sidebar where I had them before.

Work in progress. Though it’s good to ponder and change and do something different.

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