Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus

Giant JesusThe Beatles can step aside; America’s largest Jesus is taking the stage. The 62-foot Jesus towers over Interstate 75 in Monroe, Ohio, a “beacon of hope and salvation” erected by the Solid Rock Church.

You never thought you’d see headlines like these:

Giant Jesus makes many stop
Most come to praise 62-foot Jesus sculpture on I-75
Six-story statue of Jesus greets drivers on I-75

And how about some others?

Biggest Jesus Ever
Volkswagen Crushed By Christ …

Skinny Tie Day

Skinny Tie Day. Why? Why not?The Monkey Outta Nowhere world headquarters in St. Paul, Minn. had skinny tie day today. All employees were encouraged to wear a skinny tie in an effort to boost company-wide morale.

The gimmick proved to be popular with most employees and could see a return. It’s not clear if skinny tie day will spread to other businesses, but prospects are good.

Monkey Wrote a Novel

National Novel Writing Month WinnerIt’s with great honor and a bit of pride that congratulate our very own Head Monkey, Kevin D. Hendricks, for writing a novel. Kevin tackled the 50,000-word novel last month as part of National Novel Writing Month, joining almost 6,000 other winners from around the world.

Kevin managed to complete his first novel in a mere 20 days, thanks to an outpouring of support and lots of caffiene. He’s currently copyediting the novel for a quick and dirty self-publishing run (available soon from Cafepress), and plans to pursue a more thorough edit and possible publication in the future. For now the unedited version of the novel is available online.