U2: Live on Radio 1

You can catch a live five-song set of brand new U2 material on the BBC’s Radio 1. If you’re really a U2 fanatic, you can listen to Zane Lowe’s entire show for the occasional bit of interview, otherwise skip to 1:38:XX into the show for the music (and good luck with the BBC’s goofy player that has no rewind or fast-forward buttons). You can also tune into Jo Whiley’s show for more interviews spaced throughout her show and cuts from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.

The live set includes “Vertigo,” a rollicking song called “All Because of You,” the song “Miracle Drug” with a typical Bono introduction, “Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own” (which Adam revealed during Whiley’s show was originally written for All That You Can’t Leave Behind), and “Beautiful Day” as the finale with some changed words for Dublin.

Don’t worry, the new album comes out next week and I’ll shut up about U2.

One thought on “U2: Live on Radio 1”

  1. hiya i dont no if this is the right site to be on but im just trying to ask you to play u2s song with or without you because its my uncles birthday today. he died to years ago after fighting for his life. he had a rare illness which courses the brain to haemorage at any time it wants to. he had his first when he was 14. he always new that 1 day he could die but was never sad! he loved listening to his music and this was one of his fave songs so please play it for him today we all miss him so much.could you dedicate it to bill from all his family thank you.

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