Mmm… iMac

The new iMacThe new iMac G5 was announced today, and since some people have decided to remain tight lipped about all things Apple, I will take up the clarion call of irritability. How cool is this thing? It’s like a flat screen hiding a computer! My old PC had a giant monitor and a big burly CPU which was too wide for most desks designed to hold CPUs. Now Apple takes the leap forward with flat screen technology and puts it all in one thin package. Beautiful.

If I wasn’t so happy with my current setup I’d want one of these. What especially amazes me is Apple’s continuing ability to create products worth lusting over. Their laptops have been selling like crazy (see the series of mostly redundant articles by Business Week), and I can imagine this new iMac will do pretty well. Though as small as the iMac is getting, I do wonder if people will just opt for a laptop instead. But I do love the image of a college freshman hauling the tiny iMac around! I had to haul two huge boxes when traveling with my PC.

7 thoughts on “Mmm… iMac”

  1. The thing I think is interesting about the new iMac is the convergence of TV and computer. The CPU, as you mentioned, is completely “gone” — disappearing into the sleek beauty of the widescreen. With wireless everything, there’s not a mess of cords to bog it down. This computer would look just as “at home” in the living room as it would in the office …

  2. There’s something to be said for the design of the round base and swivel arm of the last iMac iteration.

    But this new iMac is a beauty. The more I read about it, the more I’m glad a computer upgrade is in our not-too-distant future.

  3. Cool stuff. Star Trek here we come baby! Although, I do wonder if this is why games and gamers haven’t really done much on Macs. When you spend a lot of cash and are proud of your gaming rig, a nice tower of power is fun to show off. *does Tim Taylor grunt*

  4. Now, if I could take it off the base, and walk around with it (aka tablet PC), I’d buy one.

    At this point though, it’s just a non-portable laptop isn’t it?

  5. Well, “non-portable laptop” could technically describe every desktop computer ever made. It’s just that the design of this one makes it more laptop-like because it’s so extremely thin.

    So buy a PowerBook if you really need portability. Those things are selling like crazy.

    Tight-lipped? Nah, I’m just too busy to blog right now. Plus, I know you’ve got my back. Still, I might squeeze an entry out sometime soon. We’ll see if it mentions the iMac or not. I don’t know if it will.

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