Gmail is Gelicious

As the wonders of a Gmail invitation were extended to me (thanks Nick!), so I extend them to you. Anyone interested in getting their own Gmail account, let me know. I’ve got six invitations to share.

And if you’re wondering what the big deal is, Gmail is basically Google’s free, web-based e-mail offering. Only instead of some paltry 3 or 6 MB of space, you get 1000 MB. Yep, that’s 1 GB. They also have a nifty new way of handling and sorting e-mail, as well as a kick-butt spam filter. Even if you use a web-based account simply to sign up for stuff and protect your real e-mail address (like I do), Gmail is the way to go. Plus, since it’s new you have a much better chance of getting an address you like. Much better than

Speaking of excessive e-mail accounts, how many do all of you have? (different interations of the same account only count once, and if you have your own domain that only counts as one). I only have four five right now, which I think is an all-time low (MonkeyOuttaNowhere, ReALMagazine, Bethel, Gmail, and my ISP). Once upon a time I had a Hotmail and a Yahoo, but they’ve become green and crusty with spam long ago. I also had and e-mail addresses once upon a time.

9 thoughts on “Gmail is Gelicious”

  1. Oh… if I had only known. I could have invited you long ago, had you wished. And I am also angsty over this blog. I WAS GOING TO BLOG THIS TONIGHT! I really like gmail a lot, it’s fast (I’ve used other webmail type things, and they’re quite a bit slower), runs well, good storage, etc. all that stuff you said.

    It’s not perfect, but it’s quite good. I wonder if it will maintain it’s goodness as it grows? Part of hotmail’s problem is just its gargantuan size.

    I have… 4 accounts. Gmail, hotmail, UMD, and a yahoo account I’ve looked at once. I’m guessing it’s still there, but I could be wrong. I still can’t believe I have that many, talk about overkill. Though it is nice to have hotmail for any junky needs I have.

  2. I have had Gmail for a few months now. I just finally got a few invitations and realized I should share the wealth.

    And whether you use it or not, you probably still have a Bethel account. They made those e-mail addresses lifetime accounts starting with our class, or so I’m told.

  3. My Bethel accounts don’t work anymore. I tried sending mail to the two addresses that I used as a student and they were both returned as unreachable.

  4. Oh, Kevin, if you would be willing to share with me, I would be eternally grateful. And I would use this Gmail account for the good of mankind. I promise.

  5. ROFL. Yeah, an upgrade would be nice. Hard to sound professional handing that one out.

    And no, my Bethel account was terminated a couple of weeks after I graduated, and I just didn’t care enough to look into it like I did with my UMD account this summer. Heh, speaking of which, my space on the server terminated sooner than it was supposed to as well, so I lost a few electronic copies of papers. Not that it matters, since the same happened to everything I wrote when my comp got stolen last year.

  6. Ummm… lets see here… I check 5 regularly (in addition to the 3 I check at work) and have 2 I check infrequently. Then there’s the 4 testing accounts we maintain at work (Juno, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL)… Yup, i’m a g33k.

    Breaking it down:

    5 Regular
    Personal Site (x2)
    Freelance Site
    Church Site

    3 Work
    General email
    Elist Unsubscribes

    2 Infrequent

    PS- I didn’t get any Gmail invites… where’s the love Google?

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