There and Then They’re Gone

There and Then It's Gone by Patrick AndrewPatrick Andrew, former bassist and vocalist for PFR, performed at a release party in the Twin City suburbs last night, celebrating the release of his solo album, There and Then It’s Gone. Andrew was joined on his accoustic guitar by fellow PFRer Joel Hanson on guitar, Matt Patrick on bass, Paul Eckberg (formerly of Eager) on drums, and Mike Andrew on guitar (yes, three guitars in a stuffy Christian bookstore).

The impressive Andrew originals were punctuated by much laughter and few moments of forgotten lyrics, which only further reinforced the album’s themes. The biggest dissapointment was that the nearly-impromptu band came together only for this show. With two-thirds of PFR present, they did launch into a couple PFR tunes (“Great Lengths” and “Them”), simply whetting appetites for a much rumored upcoming PFR release. (Full disclosure: Monkey Outta Nowhere wrote the bio for Andrew’s press packet)

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