iPod Envy

iPod and Steve Jobs on NewsweekApple has turned to the cover of Newsweek for the announcement of the next iPod upgrade. The magazine covers the nearly life-changing status of the gadget as well as dishes the dirt on the new upgrade. The dirt includes a $100 price drop all the way around (though the low-end 15 GB priced at $299 is gone; but for the same price you can now get the 20 GB), a slightly smaller size, double the battery life, and an even simpler interface (as if it wasn’t easy enough, they dropped four buttons and went with the iPod Mini’s scoll wheel/buttons).

But more important than the latest offerings is the way the iPod and iTunes are almost single-handedly changing how people listen to music. The ability to carry your entire music collection in your pocket is having revolutionary reprecussions. The days of the compact disc are numbered and growing numbers of people now have a soundtrack to their lives.

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  1. Can you say iPod envy?

    Faster, better, smarter, stronger — and cheaper. The new iPod. Yeah, I’m a little stoked about the newest iPod upgrade. I don’t know if I’ll scrape the cash together by ebaying more of my childhood treasures or not, but I’m…

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