Can you say iPod envy?

Faster, better, smarter, stronger — and cheaper. The new iPod.

Yeah, I’m a little stoked about the newest iPod upgrade. I don’t know if I’ll scrape the cash together by ebaying more of my childhood treasures or not, but I’m definitely tempted once again. I’m sort of in a technological limbo where I’ve made half the digital leap — converting my music collection to iTunes — but it’s all stuck on my computer. I can’t take it with me. Yet.

The way we experience music is changing. It’s inevitable. I think it’s pretty cool, though I can definitely see some downsides. Getting free CDs in the mail for reviews has already drastically changed the way I listen to music. I rarely relish a CD and devour it like I used to. I take it for granted. A lot of stuff I just don’t listen to because there’s so much. It raises the bar. But such easy access to thousands of songs is also difficult and time consuming. Do I really need a soundtrack to my life? Do I really want to become a slave to my technology (how crushed would I be if I lost my iPod?)?

But how cool is it to play that song stuck in your head and move on?

One thought on “Can you say iPod envy?”

  1. I’d have to play with a new one to see if it’s okay or not, but I’m not sure if I like the removal of the 4 buttons. I dunno, maybe it works well, but I’m dubious until I check one out. Battery life is pretty cool though: mine lasts plenty long already, and twice that is crazy. You could probably play that thing for 18 hours straight without a recharge, if not more than that.

    Worth the bucks? It’s up to you. Since you work at home, and on your computer, it may not be all that worth it. It’s great for me because I go out for work, to hang out and read a book, etc. and that sort of thing. Heh, I can also listen to my tunes anywhere in the house or yard, so mowing and reading in the hammock can either be done au natural or with a U2 accompaniament.

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