The Presidential Comedian

At a recent media dinner President George W. Bush gave a speech laced with laughter. I know — quite a shock. The speech included the White House Election Year Photo Album — basically a bunch of candid photos backed with quips from Bush.

The best one has to be a picture of Bush looking under a chair, which he narrated with the comment, “Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere.”

As sad as it is to say this because of what it means about American politics, it’s humor like this that could really give Bush an edge. I’m not exactly a big Bush fan, but this is a side of him I haven’t seen before. The ability to poke fun at himself tells me he’s a bit more human than I thought. Humor can be powerful.

Now if the Bush team is really smart, they’ll release this speach and slideshow in some web-friendly, viral format.

3 thoughts on “The Presidential Comedian”

  1. That was hilarious. I could totally see the pictures in my head for some of them (like the Donald Rumsfeld ones). That would be sweet to actually see the pics though.

    What a powerful image of burying a piece of the world trade center in Afghanistan. Wow.

  2. I’ve been getting bombarded with anti-Bush SPAM! Has anybody else been getting these? Some are just links to anti-Bush articles, one was an NPR report, etc. But most are big graphic files that are well-designed with punchy quotes/stats that raise issues with Bush and encourage voting against him in November. They’re really brilliant to do this kind of viral e-mail spam campaign, whoever started it, because it’s got to be getting around to tons of people and influencing people’s views — with very little backlash on the Democrats, I’m sure. So, you’re absolutely right, the Republicans need to be equally savvy about getting this stuff out there in a Web-friendly viral way that people can start sending around and combatting this negative stuff. Not that I want to be getting more spam in my inbox, but … ;-)

  3. Anti-Bush Spam

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve been receiving a lot of anti-Bush spam lately. Some of it has been plaintext e-mails with links to anti-Bush sites (like, while others have actually included graphics from sites like BloodForOil…

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