7 thoughts on “Adopt a Monkey”

  1. Sorry, I just have one question to ask. On the top of this site, you mention that I could own a Red Howler Monkey. Well, would it be possible to own a Black-capped Capuchin or a Sqirrel Monkey.

    Thank You for your time

  2. hi i love this site its great il be on here more often now im thinking of adopting one

  3. Heyy everyone! Just to let u know I love monkeys but I can’t adopt cause mom doesn’t need anymore animals in the house.

    I love Monkeys!

  4. I am looking at houses to buy, and while I want a big house, I also want to adopt a few monkeys.. In order to accomidate them, I would want to have a large yard.. Is this necissary? Do monkeys enjoy the outdoors? or are they more like dogs in the sense that they can adapt to an indoor environment. If i were to adopt, I would want to make sure they were happy. Also, what breed would be best around children? I am looking for something that will get along with my pet yellow lab and my 3 year old twins. Thanks!

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