I’m an Entrepreneur!

I started a small business class today. It’s nice to bring some reality and sanity to my business. I’ve never taken any business classes in my life, and even in the past few months I’ve learned a lot and I’ve even started to read Forbes and Business Weekly magazines willingly. It’s all kind of weird for me.

But at the same time, I don’t think of myself as some tie-wearing businessman. If anything it’s a means to an end. It’s a way to do what I really want to do and still provide for my family. That’s cool. It’s a way to be idealistic and pursue my dreams, and still accept and meet the practical reality that I need to put food on the table.

It’s actually kind of nice to still have that dreamer mentality but still have my feet firmly on the ground. It’s not easy, but it’s nice. And maybe I don’t get to be as idealistic as I want to be — I still have to write something that sells in the end, but I am writing. I never thought I’d enjoy writing postcards and brochures before.

And it’s fun because there’s definite changes with this new, create-your-own-schedule life. My wife’s noticed I’m a lot less stressed and grumpy than I used to be when I had to come home and vent about work. I’m also a lot more extroverted. It used to be I came home from work and I was ready to hole up with my computer and relax for the evening. But now I’ve been holed up by myself all day and I’m ready for some human interaction. I’m extremely extroverted in the evenings now because I don’t see people all day. I miss break-ity time.

This whole entrepreneur thing is kind of fun. I find myself dreaming with a new practical bent. Coming up with creative ideas and then trying to think of ways they might actually work. What a concept. Why didn’t I learn this in college?

One thought on “I’m an Entrepreneur!”

  1. Brrrrreak!
    Brickety Break.
    Break. Break. Break. Breakity Break.
    mmmmmmmmmmmmm Break.

    I miss break too. My new job has break time as well but it’s not the same ;-(

    I had the same experience with working from home — I craved community after spending all day with just my cat as company. Now that I’m back in the rat race… I see myself sliding into old habits, and wanting ‘me’ time… hmmm…

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