Caffeine + Music screenshotToday Apple announced a 100 million free song giveaway with Pepsi. All the details haven’t been released yet (wait for Sunday’s Super Bowl ad), but they do give the odds — 1 in 3 wins. Not too shabby. Digital music rocks.

But I mainly wanted to mention it because I thought the graphic on Apple’s homepage was freaking cool. It’s hard to be eye-catching on the web today, but I think all those Pepsi bottles does it pretty nicely.

3 thoughts on “Caffeine + Music”

  1. Actually, I’m not sure how much Pepsi is the winner. I’m sure they’re selling every bottle at a profit, but they’re also paying for the music. So I think Apple is doing better than Pepsi on the deal, and I think the consumer is doing better than Apple because we can all have a ton of music now. Well… you’ve gotta buy a bottle or three to get a song, but it’s nice nonetheless.

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