2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Car Salesman”

  1. It was getting a bit long, so I’m only halfway right now, but it is a good and interesting read. Interesting difference between those salesmen for foriegn and American dealerships.

  2. I forgot to mention that I read the whole thing in one sitting last week. It was interesting and it has changed my view of car salesmen, and yet it’s important to remember that the sales managers have people breathing down their necks too, and then above him there’s someone, and above the president(or the uppermost person) is the people who buy cars, our society that is driving his decisions. There is no real finger to point, but the responsibilities lie in all the individual choices that are made to be dishonest, or mean, or greedy, throughout the heirarchies.

    This article also reaffirmed my personal convictions to never buy “new”.

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