Let it Snow

One o' them crooked snow shovels.With the constant snow fall today and a well-placed Target endcap, I came home with a new ergonomic snow shovel. My fifty-cent, garage sale, way-to-heavy, snow-sticks to it, shovel can be retired. The new one is one of those funky crooked ones that look all goofy, but it works brilliantly. I don’t have to bend over to shovel the snow. What a concept. I’m actually hoping it keepts snowing so I can use the new shovel tomorrow.

Who gets excited over a snow shovel?

One thought on “Let it Snow”

  1. I miss the days when I got to carry a shovel in the trunk of my car. I needed to use it on the days it snowed all day at school and I had to shovel my car out of the parking lot. Good times.

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