7 thoughts on “The eBay Continues”

  1. Yeah, that was hilarious! I clicked on the “Billy Graham library books” link and BLAM! I’m looking at risque adult postcards on eBay. Cyber-wha?! So I read the description. Pretty freakin’ funny. Some guy picked those up for 15 bucks, eh? Do you think maybe they were worth a lot more than that? Who knew …

  2. BTW — You should really put “Billy Graham” in the title of that books auction. I think you’d get a lot more traffic that way …

  3. Dude, those postcards are awesome! I bet they’re worth more than you got, no offense. Those kind of things are probably quite rare, and obviously they’re unique as American kitch, which goes over pretty big these days.

    Personally, I probably would have tried to make some kind of display out of them, and then taken it down when Steph complained. :-)

  4. Well, I guess it worked, eh? You add “Billy Graham library” to that bad boy and BLAM! sold in 60 seconds. I should be a full-time eBay consultant. I’ll just charge a percentage of every auction (just like eBay) ;-)

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