Our Best FIF Ever

Yesterday I finally got around to posting my self-indulgant, retrospective Five Iron Frenzy article. In honor of that article, and in a previous tradition, I present my choices for a Five Iron greatest hits collection: The Best FIF Ever.

As usual, I had a hard time making up my mind, so I went with 2-disc set. The first set is the very best. The second set I’m calling B-sides, but it’s really all the other songs I like a whole bunch.

FIF. (photo by Kevin D. Hendricks

The Best FIF Ever
1) FIF Tribute (Fourth from the Last by The W’s)
2) One Girl Army (Proof That the Youth Are Revolting)
3) Cool Enough For You (Upbeats and Beatdowns)
4) Cannonball (The End is Near)
5) Me Oh My (All the Hype That Money Can Buy)
6) Handbook for the Sellout (Our Newest Album Ever)
7) Beautiful America (Upbeats and Beatdowns)
8) See the Flames Begin to Crawl (The End is Near)
9) A New Hope (All the Hype That Money Can Buy)
10) Banner Year (Our Newest Album Ever)
11) It Was Beautiful (The End is Near)
12) A Flowery Song (Upbeats and Beatdowns)
13) World Without End (All the Hype That Money Can Buy)
14) Anthem (Proof That the Youth Are Revolting)
15) Old West (Upbeats and Beatdowns)
16) Litmus (Our Newest Album Ever)
17) Farsighted (Electric Boogaloo)
18) Giants (All the Hype That Money Can Buy)
19) Something Like Laughter (The End is Near)
20) Blue Comb ’78 (Our Newest Album Ever)
21) Dandelions (Quantity Is Job 1)
22) Every New Day (Our Newest Album Ever)


The Best FIF Ever B-Sides
1) These Are Not My Pants the Rock Opera (Latin Pants) (Quantity Is Job 1)
2) My Evil Plan to Save the World (Quantity Is Job 1)
3) Combat Chuck (Upbeats and Beatdowns)
4) At Least I’m Not Like All Those Other Old Guys (The End is Near)
5) Most Likely To Succeed (Our Newest Album Ever)
6) Pre-Ex-Girlfriend (Electric Boogaloo)
7) Where is Micah? (Our Newest Album Ever)
8) Marty (Cheeses of Nazareth)
9) All That is Good (Quantity Is Job 1)
10) The Greatest Story Ever Told (All the Hype That Money Can Buy)
11) Farewell to Arms (The End is Near)
12) 451 (All the Hype That Money Can Buy)
13) Get Your Riot Gear (Quantity Is Job 1)
14) Where the Zero Meets the Fifteen (Upbeats and Beatdowns)
15) The Untimely Death of Brad (Quantity Is Job 1)
16) Mayonnaise Taco Monday (Cheeses of Nazareth)
17) Suckerpunch (Our Newest Album Ever)
18) You Gotta Get Up (Happy Christmas)
19) Oh, Canada (Our Newest Album Ever)
20) Arnold & Willis & Mr. Drummond (Upbeats and Beatdowns)
21) Far, Far Away (Electric Boogaloo)
22) Amalgamate (Upbeats and Beatdowns)
23) On Distant Shores (The End is Near)

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