P.O.D. Rocks the World; Gets Banned

MTV has a couple interesting articles on P.O.D. The first piece is an interview with the band focusing on their new record and life after Marcos. They talk openly about their faith and their difficult upbringing.

The second piece isn’t quite so happy. It focuses on the 85% of Christian bookstores that have refused to sell the newest P.O.D album, Payable on Death, because of the album artwork. The artwork features a nude female figure covering her breasts and a banner with the word “Sanctus” covering the rest. Apparently Christian bookstores object because the woman’s pubic bone is visible and a sacred word is used in a sexual manner.

The P.O.D. web site addresses the controversy, pointing out that a previous album, Fundamental Elements of Southtown, was likewise banned until the band agreed to issue a black cover version for Christian bookstores. Apparently that album’s artwork was too confusing for the average Christian bookstore customer. After sales of Fundamental Elements soared, Christian bookstores reportedly asked for the original version.

This time around, P.O.D. is refusing to cave saying, “This is sad… not because P.O.D. need to be carried in those stores but because for thousands of years the church LED the world in great art and music… provocative art that moved and inspired people… art that is STILL relevant today.”

They go on to encourage their fans not to bash Christian bookstores and affirm their support for the Christian music industry, citing an upcoming appearance at Cornerstone and interviews with Relevant and HM magazines.

Sometimes I wonder what we’re doing as Christians. We bemoan the lack of our faith in the larger culture, but when Christians try to take our faith to that culture, we pummel them.

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  1. As someone who’s done a little bit of artsy stuff writing and photographywise, this is an interesting issue. Shawna Emerson/Horn and I used to have great debates on this subject, such as what a Christian should allow in their writing. You want to have true characters, but how far do you go with things like drugs, sex, and swearing? It’s a tricky thing.

    It’s made even more difficult by the obtuse actions of Christians like these bookstores. We often don’t realize people are Christians in the mainstream arts/music, because they are badmouthed, etc. Lot’s of good stuff goes by the wayside for people because of thinking like this.

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