Kevin dressed up as a burrito. Mmm... burrito. (photo by Matthew Taylor)

As you can tell from the picture, I had a serious business lunch today. Chipotle was handing out free burritos if you came in dressed as one. So there you go. That’s an attempt at lettuce, cheese/rice (take your pick) and a pinto bean or two spilling out of my always enormous Chipotle burrito.

Believe it or not, of all the people at Chipotle who knew about the free burrito deal, I most resembled an actual burrito. Most people just wrapped something in tinfoil and called it good.

Hey, free food is free food. Get yourself some tinfoil and head on over to Chipotle (assuming you’ve got one).

3 thoughts on “Boo-rrito”

  1. Yes! Nice job. I miss Chipotle. Here in Charlotte there’s a Chipotle-like place called Qdoba. It’s pretty good, but no “free burrito” offers yet, that I know of.

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