Happy Melloween

Since this will be our first Halloween in our own house, we thought it would be appropriate to carve some pumpkins.

Homestar Runner & Strongbad

Homestar Runner carved by Abby

Strongbad carved by Kevin

Homestar Runner & Strongbad hanging out in the window.

It’s been a while since I’ve carved pumpkins, but it’s a lot of fun. For those of you totally out of the loop, we carved Homestar Runner and Strongbad, the stars of the best web site ever. Their Halloween cartoon is usually one of the best, and that’s what got me hooked (look in the Toons archive, under Holidays).

9 thoughts on “Happy Melloween”

  1. Mmmmm, now that’s one stylin’ porch. Way to be guys. You’ll be the envy of the very few who know of Homestar in your neighborhood, I’m sure.

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