Work, damn you!

Today I finally got around to tinkering with the snowblower my neighbor is letting me borrow this year. She broke her wrist a while back and has never been able to start the thing since, so it’s just been collecting cobwebs in her garage. She said if I could get it started I was more than welcome to use it this winter. I’m all about free stuff, so I took her up on the deal (and offered to snowblow her driveway and sidewalk if necessary).

After a call home to dad, a trip to the hardware store, and about three other trips to get the oil, gas, and a gas can (not in that order), and about 45 minutes of tinkering, the Toro Snowpup started. I’m pretty inept when it comes to motorized stuff (the guy at the hardware store showed me where I could adjust something with a screwdriver, and I asked what that actually adjusted, knowing full well that I wouldn’t understand what the carburetor does anyway), so I’m pretty proud of myself. I didn’t even have to swear.

That’s two handyman projects in three weeks. Not to shabby.

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